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BABY DONE at Luna Leederville & Luna on SX

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Hey, this married house baby done. Oh my God you’re gonna win all the games. We need to have kids. You wish you were pregnant, No. Congratulations tapeworm can cause false positive pregnancy tests. It’s not a tapeworm. It’s a baby. Oh, my God there’s a list of the wildest things we need to do before the baby comes. You I can do anything. Would you join me for the craziest night of your life? Hi? Tim. How are you? You’ve got mentors Zoe One of us has to get ready. I’m tired of just being so responsible are you just here by yourself? No she’s meeting me here. Where were you We’re supposed to be living our dreams together. You can’t keep up to you like nothing’s changed. Are you pregnant? You’re supposed to love me no matter what and we’re making it possible. Um do you wanna just take a moment and come back later, just one more. Is that good? that’s not good. She’s not feeling the right feeling. No. I’m not a regular pregnant woman. You’re a baby. I’m having a baby. It’s like you’re obsessed to be dead well when the leaves start falling off that tree. We’re gonna have a baby. It’s really want my whole life back. I’m really scared, you’re gonna be such a good mom. Congratulations. Thank you. You want me to call someone I think it’s on how to be made and I need you to remind me sorry if he cries when I cry don’t look at me. Don’t look at me.


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