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PayPal Verification – PayPal VCC

Our Virtual Credit Cards help you to verify your personal PayPal account and to raise spending limits. PayPal will lift your limits. So, you would withdraw more money after your account verification. In addition, some merchants accept payments only from verified PayPal accounts. So, verification will help you to make payments via PayPal to any merchant. Also, you could use our Visa Virtual Credit Cards to make payments through PayPal.

Follow the instruction to verify your PayPal account:

Verification PayPal account in CLASSIC interface/view:

  1. Buy Prepaid Virtual Credit Card on our website using one of available payment methods.

  2. Register the card with the same information as provided in your PayPal account.

  3. Log in to your PayPal account and click “View your account limits” on the bottom left side of a “Summary” page.

    PayPal Verification step 3

  4. Click on “Lift limits”

    PayPal Verification step 4

  5. Choose “Confirm your bank or card”

    PayPal Verification step 5

  6. Link VCC to your PayPal account.

    PayPal Verification step 6

  7. Click on “Confirm credit card”

    PayPal Verification step 7 PayPal Verification step 7.2

  8. PayPal will send verification code to your card statement. Check it on our website

    PayPal Verification step 8

  9. Re-login to PayPal account and confirm your card by submitting verification code.

    PayPal Verification step 9

  10. Congratulations! Your account is Verified!

Our Prepaid Virtual Visa Credit Cards can be used to verify US and International PayPal accounts.

How to confirm credit card in US PayPal account?

If you linked VCC in US PayPal account in order to use it for payments through PayPal, please note that the most of merchants accept payments with confirmed credit cards only. To confirm your virtual card in US PayPal account follow the instruction.

  1. Go to your PayPal account and click “See how much you can send with PayPal” on the bottom left side of “Summary” page.

  2. Click “Remove limit”

  3. Choose “Link and confirm your debit or credit card”

  4. Link a new card. 

You can start to use your card for payments via US PayPal. US PayPal doesn’t send verification code. Your PayPal account become verified after your card is liked to the account. 

Borders and distances do not affect the use of Ezzocard virtual cards

Ezzocard virtual credit cards allow you to verify personal PayPal in almost any country all over the world. Most often, PayPal accounts are verified using our cards in the USA, Canada, Australia and Germany. You can buy our virtual credit card and verify your personal PayPal account from anywhere in the world. There is no need to stay in a country where you need PayPal, or to have bank accounts there. Our cards are most popular for PayPal verification among residents of India, Nigeria, United Kingdom, South Africa and Bangladesh. Please, take into consideration that there are PayPal accounts of some countries that may ask for an ID verification due to their local regulations.

In case you need help or something is not clear, please contact our support team.


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