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  • Solution Gas
  • Gas price 0,19 €/Smc*
  • Payment Direct debit from bank / postal account
  • Sending bill

*The price is referring only to the gas raw material and is locked for one year (excluding VAT and taxes).

Fibra di Melita

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Fibra di Melita 27 €/month

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Fixed and simple price

With Certa Per Te Gas you pay according to your consumption. The price of the gas raw material is blocked for 12 months, equal to the price of the gas raw material envisaged under the protection regime in the first quarter of 2020 and is blocked for 12 months. The offer is valid until October 26, 2020.

Discounts, bonuses and promotions

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Convenience is simple

The price is referring to the gas raw material and accounts for about 41% of the overall cost of the gas (excluding VAT and taxes). After 12 months, Enel Energia could update the price based on the market trend and will give a written communication at least 90 days before the due date. It’s preserved the right to withdraw from the contract at any time and free of charge.


You can subscribe Certa per te Gas if your supply is served under regulated economic and contractual conditions (Gas Protection).

Subscribing is very simple, just make sure you have the following on hand:

  • your tax code;
  • the POD code (for the electricity supply) or the PDR code (for the natural gas supply). Alternatively, you can enter the 9-digit customer code that you find on the display of the meter or on the bills of the previous holder of the supply;
  • you meter reading;
  • your IBAN, if you would like to charge the bill to your bank account.

You will receive the contract kit via your preferred channel (by mail or by post).

In case of a first activation or a takeover to complete the activation, you must send us:

  • the attached forms, correctly completed;
  • a copy of a valid identity document.

You can control the progress of your activation under “Your documents” in your Reserved Area. If you need help, please contact one of our operators via chat and get all the information you need.

If you come from another supplier with regulated economic and contractual conditions (Gas Protection) the step to join Certa per te Gas is very simple.

You just need to know that:

  • activation is free;
  • there is no need for any work on the system or the meter;
  • the transfer will be effective in about 2-3 months, the time necessary for the checks required by current legislation.

To request Certa per te Gas you only need:

  •  a utility bill;
  • your tax code;
  • IBAN, if you want to debit the bill from your checking account.

You can choose how to receive your bill: via email for free or paper bill.

With Bolletta Web you’ll receive your bills via email, so you can make your contribution to the environment by reducing paper waste.

The bills are issued in reference to a two-month period of consumption, except for the first bill which will reference only one month of consumption. Bills for power used above 15kW are issued on a monthly basis.

You can choose how to pay and change the payment method when you want. You can pay by:


  • Postal giro and credit card
    If you select payment by postal giro when applying, you can also pay individual bills by credit card through our Customer Area, or from any authorised Sisal and Lottomatica outlets.
  • Direct debit from bank or postal account
    The bill arrives about 15 days before the due date so that you can verify it. The debit date is the same as the due date for the bill.
  • PayPal
    You can pay your bill easily and securely through PayPal directly from the Enel Energia Customers’ Area. The payment can be made at any time from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Your details are safely protected by the PayPal server and are not shared with third parties.

The bill arrives about 15 days before the due date so that you can verify it. You can only pay by direct debit from your current account. The debit date is the same as the due date for the bill.

The price indicated refers to the raw material gas component and represents approximately 41% of the total gas expenditure (excluding VAT and taxes) of a typical domestic customer with an annual consumption of 1400 Smc.

The costs for the transport service, meter management, system charges and marketing costs are excluded from this price, which are applied to the extent defined by ARERA and regularly amended and updated.

The deposit is calculated based on the number of cubic meters:


  • €25 up to 500 m3;
  • €77 up to 5000 m3.

An average monthly payment for more than 5,000 m3. The deposit is refunded in the final bill, in the event of termination, plus interest at the statutory rate.

You can terminate your Enel Energia contract at any time for free by registered post or certified e-mail.
You can also cancel your request for activation by the supplier by registered mail, at no cost, within 14 days from the conclusion of the contract. For more information, read our Current General Terms and Conditions of Supply.

Various services are available for receiving and sending SMS messages, through which we will inform you:

  • when your bill is issued;
  • when the due date is near;
  • if your last bill has been successfully paid;
  • when to send us your meter reading.

The SMS messages you receive are free.

You can also submit your meter reading and request:

  • updates on the processing of your contract;
  • information on your nearest Spazio Enel;
  • changes to your personal data (email address, phone number, address.

The cost of the SMS messages sent varies according to your tariff plan.

f you activate a gas supply for the house in which you live and your household has an ISEE lower or equal to €8.265, you are entitled to the Social Bonus for Gas supply as estabilished by the law (L 2/2009).

With the Social Bonus for Gas supply you will be refunded with a portion of your Gas expense. The amount of the reimbursement depends on:

  • Type of usage (cooking or warm water);
  • The number of house residents;
  • residential area.

To claim your Social Bonus for Gas supply go to your local council or to the CAAF. To receive more informations visit this page.



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